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Moving Shop! [28 Jul 2007|11:52pm]
First, I would like to thank EVERYONE for their support of Angel's Confession; I was very shocked and VERY touched. However, I have very important news. I have joined forces with my best mate sir_ruggles and we have started Two Dandies maleshoppe. All releases from now on will be there. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks again for your support!!


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Angel's Confession [17 Jul 2007|07:04am]
Naono Bohra
Angel's Confession
Reijin 1.07
24 pages
[sendspace] [megaupload]

For friends and personal entertainment, so don't complain about scan quality unless you're volunteering to fix it. XP Sorry for any awkward English.
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RULES [15 Jul 2007|02:28pm]
All translations/scanslations are solely for the purpose of keeping my Japanese fresh, and are intended for my friends. I like porn and you like porn, so perhaps you will be interested in some of the projects I have done. I have no desire to be a one-man scanslation team, so I do welcome cleaning and editing help. I translate when I want to translate and probably you get scans too, lawl XD You may redistribute, as long as the credits page is not removed from the zip. Any and all mistakes are mine alone.
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